Sunday, November 26, 2006

A strange animal in the house

Friday Katrina and Kilo, her Sharpei, stopped by. Needless to say, the cats were shocked. They refused to leave the bedroom. Simba came out twice and stared at Kilo.

Kilo didn't care at all. He ignored the cats. Oh look, a Christmas present for Faythe in the background!

After they left, I checked in on them. Zoe wasn't so sure if it was safe to come out. Simba had resigned himself to his bed. Er, one of his many beds.

Funny little creatures.


katrina said...

LOL, great pic Rayleen, thanks for lettin' me hang! I had a wonderful relaxing time!

Simba was actually much bolder then I expected!

Melissa said...

That black kitty looks just like mine! So cute!