Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just when I figured out the perfect balance of projects...

Today I bought some Mega Boots Stretch sock yarn. I've been mooning over this yarn ever since I saw it at the shop when Aimee visited. So this morning I finally made up a good excuse to buy some: Christmas presents!! I trekked over on my lunch break and bought enough yarn to make several pair. Yes, maybe I was a bit ambitious. Yes, maybe the ladies at the yarn store were cackling while I drove off. They've probably been there, done that.

Anyway, I finally figured out the gauge and the pattern (I thought there was an error, I was so wrong) and started in on it. The size 2 needles were seemingly permanently bending from use, or was it my imagination?

I don't know how long it took but this is all I knit before I got tired and decided to go to bed. Yes, that's all!

I think I've been knitting with worsted weight yarn for way too long. I'm concerned, very concerned.

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katrina said...

Looks cozy!