Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ebony, ivory...

I went out to dinner with Katrina last friday. We ended up talking for hours. Literally...hours. She picked me up from work at 5PM, I got home sometime after midnight. Half the drive back was scary too, it was so foggy. Normally these sort of driving conditions don't bother me. I welcome driving challenges!

Anyway, back to Katrina. It was great getting together with her and just talking and talking and talking. You see, I'm not much of a talker. BHAHAHAAA! OK I am. WHATEVERRRRR! Hopefully we'll do it again. Maybe other people I know who live/work in that area will want to meet up after work too? *hint hint*

So you're probably wondering what this is. It's bread! Brown and white, mixed! I know I'm a dork but I thought it was cool so I brought some home. I knew Apollo would want to taste some of this equal opportunity bread. The dark part was sweet, I could swear there was a raisin or two involved.

When I asked if I could take some home, the waitress suggested I take some of the butter pats home too. I think she was joking. I took some home.

That stuff on the bread is Sun Dried Tomato Basting Butter. It's SO good. We picked it up at Anthony's Fish Grotto down at the bay.

Oh and they also have some yummy smoked fish spreads. Geeze, I'm slobbering now just thinking about it!

I'd really like to try out some coffee shops up in the North County area. Maybe knit or something. Again with the hinting....


katrina said...

"Ebony, Ivory, livin' in perfect harmony!"


Wow, sorry your drive home was stressfull. Glad you made it okay!

I'm up for it anytime, maybe we can hint somemore to "you know who" and she can come too!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

I wish I was invited to things like that. *hint hint*

katrina said...

LOL! In case you haven't figured it "Daisy" you are "you know who"!!!!