Friday, November 10, 2006

*** strikes again

Now that Aimee has gone, the plumbing has decided to act up. I guess you could say she's lucky she missed all the excitement.

At 5:45PM, the plumber has finally returned after leaving due to "another job" (bastard) and an argument over whether or not last summers $7K work his company performed was still under warranty. Funny how they couldn't find any record of it until the other job was completed.

Let me explain my frustration a bit; we left this morning at 5:45AM to take Aimee to the airport and returned about an hour later. It only took an hour for the toilet and tub to fill with sewer, toilet paper and what looks like pieces of carrots. We contacted our landlord immediately who contacted the plumber. It has taken a full 12 hours for the plumbers to finally take care of the problem. That's right, TWELVE HOURS.

The toilet paper that was merely slightly offensive on the steps outside is now inside on my floor along with an inch of water. A rolled up towel is being used as a makeshift dam to keep the fluids from contaminating the carpet in the hallway. Thankfully, I thought ahead and picked up the rug in the bathroom. The foam foot isn't so lucky.

Now, the rest of the tenants on the floor are complaining that their toilets and tubs are full as well. See, we're downhill. And you know where **** rolls. Never again will I live downhill.

I'm nursing a glass of juice mixed with Airborne while I blog. And wondering when I will finally, oh please, get to use my bathroom. A thoroughly bleach cleansed bathroom.


Yaya said...

OMG, you poor thing. That totally sucks.

aimee said...

Wow. And I missed all that! (phew!)
Sorry to hear about it though. :(