Sunday, November 19, 2006

Melenweit Mega Boots Stretch

I love this yarn. See how the color subtly changes from left to right?

Me and Jorge are doing great. As you can see I'm almost done with his leg. I took a few days off, I just don't feel like knitting when sick. I decided to wing it with the pattern. I started out with a simple pattern I found in a yarn store but then decided I didn't like the heel. It called for a Jo-jo heel. I prefer the traditional gusset heel myself.

So I decided to try EZ's method of percentages. I'm sure it'll be great but I'm still a bit concerned. I'm having a hard time letting go of of the confinements of patterns. :)

After I start on the heel, I'm going to start knitting a mate for Jorge.


katrina said...

Jorge, so nice to see you again!


Rayleen, thanks for hanging on Friday night! (Where's the bread pic?) I had a really great time and the conversation was wonderful!

What are you and Apollo doing for Thanksgiving? I'm gonna be down for dinner at the church on Thursday and may be staying a couple of days w/Lee. I'd love to hang out if you guys are available!

Anonymous said...

A Jo-jo heel? I'm going to bite, bite, bite that pattern!!