Sunday, February 05, 2006

Wine, not whine!

I'm trying to broaden my horizons a little. Maybe become a bit more sophisticated, you could say.

So today, I bought some wine. Robert Mondavi 2003 Chardonnay, at approximately $11.00, seemed like a good place to star for someone who knows pretty much nothing about wine. The only other wine I've spent a lot of time with was Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio. I first tried it in a restaurant and then became obsessed with getting my own bottle. It was hard to track down but I eventually found it at Cost Plus World Market. Today saw some at Vons. VONS!

Oh yeah, I've also had some red carbonated stuff that came out of a jug. I think it was called "Rose" something. And Boones. Is Boones a wine? LOL I'm sure this will horrify wine connoisseurs the world over but hey, it was college. (funny reviews on here) We also ate Gummy Bears for all our meals for days at a time. *sigh* It's amazing I even graduated.

Anyway, the Robert Mondavi wasn't on the bottom row where the cheap stuff was nor was it on the top row with the expensive stuff. (I can't get expensive until I figure out exactly what kind of wine I like.) There was also a lot of it available - I figured that was a good sign.

On the label it says, "...Our Chardonnay displays crips apple, melon, tropical fruit and spice notes, with soft oak nuances from barrel aging." I'm sure this means something to someone out there, just not me. I can't taste oak, melon, spice, tropical fruit, etc. What I can taste is a light, refreshing warmth. It does have a bit of a fruity taste with *smack smack* some crisp and tart after-taste.

I like it, I'll definitely buy this again. I think it will go well with pasta or fish. Or with blogging.

PS: I wasn't carded today for my purchase. *sigh*

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Katrina said...

LOL! Sorry about the not being carded! But you made me laugh!

Being on the top row and more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better. Don't over look the stuff on the bottom row. Sometimes you find an exceptional wine at an unexceptional price!
My most recent find was Columbia Crest Cabarnet Savignon (sp?) 2002! It's from Washington State!

Probably too dark for you at this point, since you're just developing a palate, but a good wine and on the bottom row, which means less expensive!

Happy searching!