Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I know this sounds bad. But...I never realized how rude and dumb people could be. Sure, you may be thinking, "She's the one that's rude and dumb!" But...well, my faith in humanity has been shaken. I guess I lost my "I Care" vibe today.

True, people come to tech support because they have issues. So yeah, I talk to people who have issues all day long, yes this is true. Still - how can society have gotten this bad?

Please people, have some manners, read a book. Do something to better yourself.

Oh and by the way...the customer is not always right. This is a misnomer of sorts. Please don't try to use this catch phrase on me. It's a bunch of crap and we all know it.


Katrina said...

Sorry for your bad day Rayleen!

Hope it gets better!

aimee said...

I actually had a pretty bad day on Wednesday... At the very end of the day I got to hang out with a friend and I told him thanks for being nice to me. Of course he's always nice, but I really needed for ONE person to be nice to me that day. Seriously, everybody else was so mean!