Saturday, February 25, 2006

Cubicle Cookies

I'm always curious to see what people collect (which for some reason struck me as similar to cookies - tidbits of info stored on your computers hard drive) to decorate their cubicles.

This morning I was talking to an engineer who was called in at 3:00AM by a client when I was suddenly distracted by the following items tacked to and leaning against his cubicle wall:

Yeah, that's right! Jamaican Cock Flavoured Soup Mix! And in case you missed's "Spicy!"

Needless to say, the conversation then took on an unexpected and delightful turn away from the do-I-really-want-to-know question "why am I getting a buffer overflow warning?" No matter how appropriate you try to be, it just sounds bad when you keep talking about Cock Flavouring. Cock Flavouring! Cock Flavouring!! See how that just looks and sounds bad? Anyway...early morning humor is pretty bad. heheeeeehehehehe.

Oh, I just realized I didn't even make a joke. *sigh* Actually, great grandpa "Papa" George had a pretty funny joke about cocks he used to tell over and over and over. I guess I could share that with you. You see, there was this rooster that would crow "Gotacockfortwo, gotacockfortwo" and the hens would say "braaaaag brag braaag braaaaag!"


OK I guess it's only funny if you can imagine an elderly great grandpa snickering while Grandma B rolled her eyes and swore at him with her bad Irish temper and attitude flairing intermittently, death threats ensuing. (I am not exaggerating) We all knew he did it just to make her mad so we encouraged him by laughing loudly.

Speaking of death threats, there were a lot of "accidents" between my great grandparents. For example, once Papa "accidently" ran over Grandma B with his car. OK, he didn't really run her over, I think he just knocked her down. SHEESH, symantecs! But if you ask Grandma B, he RAN HER OVER! Another time Grandma B "accidently" stuck a needle in Papa's butt cheek. One of my fondest memories of the two of them is of Grandma cornering Papa and trying to shove a sponge down his throat. No, not on accident but *ahhh* those were the good ol' days. But...I digress...

ANYWAY, the person I was talking to was quick to point out the near-by dvd was "not his." *snicker*

Yes that's right, an informative dvd about Cialis. Actually, I'm really curious. I just may have to borrow it. I want to be in on this man-talk.

On a final note, I'd like to share the message of the fortune cookie (hey, another kind of cookie that also stores tidbits of information!) which accompanied these items (I think most of us can relate):

"Avoid unchallenging occupations - they waste your talents." - Panda Express


Faythe said...

Cock Flavoring!! I love it! (The fact that the soup mix says it's cock flavored, not actual cock...Wait a minute, um, nevermind!) I always love a good excuse to write dirty words on my blog. I think a Google search for this product is in order! You KNOW I'm going to spend the next 5 minutes looking for this...

Faythe said...

Ah Ha!