Saturday, February 04, 2006


I've been swearing a lot lately. Yes, That Customer came back. We refunded all her "accidental" and purposeful purchases and sent her packing. As soon as I saw her name, I started to cough a lot, I got a little dizzy and I felt a twitch in my eye. After she left I kept ranting. The poor New Guy didn't react to my "Are you on crack?" when he asked me a question. Sorry New Guy.

Meanwhile, I feel good that The Customer has decided that our site is 'too hard' to use. I started to feel bad that I wasn't able to provide her with "excellent customer service," but then my eye started to twitch and I forgot. Seriously....nobody has ever made me feel like this. Even ex-boyfriends!

Obviously I have some sort of mental condition.

And now, I post a picture of Simba sleeping on me in my fleece pj's...ahh, a soothing and calm memory.

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aimee said...

Find your happy place!!!
I soooo understand, though. People are just mean, and they don't care. I almost started crying at work the other day... in fact, I might today since the Superbowl will be on and I have to work.
Maybe I'll bring an eyepatch to work and when I feel sad I'll put it on and talk like a pirate. And throw things.