Thursday, February 16, 2006

I thought this was kinda funny

I asked Apollo to make a grocery list of everything he could think of that we'd need for a week or two of survival. This is what he gave me:

Chicken, tuna, hamburger, vegetables - carrots, whatever.

That's it!! For a whole week! Note the Playstation controller and remote nearby. I'm sure if I'd asked him to make a list of electronic items we needed, the page would be full.


Faythe said...

And yet with so little he winds up making so much! I'd make a Jesus reference here (fishes and loaves-true dat!), but that probably wouldn't be appropriate. I'm such a heathen!

rayleen said...

LOL I don't care Faythe...I'm so loopy these days that I don't even know what's appropriate any more.

The only reason he makes so much with so little is because he makes several small trips to the store to pick up sauce, spices, boullion, etc. One trip per item! ARGH!

Yaya said...

Too funny... If it was Dave, the list would have said "Whatever..I don't care," so I think Apollo's list is acceptable! :)