Sunday, May 22, 2005

What to do?

Can you believe it? I actually had 1.5 days off! IN A ROW! What to do in my time off? Well first, I went shopping. Oh glorious shopping! I bought some office clothes at JC Penney and, well, yes I do think JC is a bit of a grandma store, but HEY they have exactly what I need at a decent price! So, I had a great time buying clothes and went well over my budget.

However, we did have an interesting experience with security following us around the store. Maybe it was because I spent a lot of time in several departments, or maybe it was because my boyfriend, who is black, was accompanying me. He's not entirely comfortable hanging out with me in the ladies section (he's a bit too macho) so he also looked at men's clothing and furniture upstairs while I was busy. The "undercover" security followed him and would talk on his radio but would pretend he wasn't talking or would suddenly appear interested in some item in front of him. When I did manage to drag my boyfriend into the purse section near the end of my shopping excursion (I'm so evil, I laugh in the face of his masculinity while I make him help me pick out a purse *mu wa ha ha ha ha*), the security person followed us and would pick up a purse and actually hide his face behind it when we looked at him! This was a bit comical, except this person actually thought we were enough of a serious threat that he felt it necessary to even follow us to the salon and monitored my boyfriend while I bought some products from one of the hair stylist!

While I've worked in retail and I realize security is necessary, this person took it a little over the top. We were not acting suspicious, we did not steal anything nor did we do anything to attract attention, other than being people of "another color." I hate to throw that out there, but I do not live in a glass bubble and I know people are discriminated against all the time. While I respect JC penny's decision to employ people for "undercover" security, I thought what we experienced was a little over the top.

So of course, next we went to Target where we could freely roam with screaming children and hoochied mamma's without being obviously followed (I much prefer the cameras). It was here I saw the knit knits I've heard so much about! I did manage to take a peek inside one of them and it looked like the same yarn you can buy at Michaels to make dish cloths. Interesting!

Oh, which reminds me, there's been another TV knit siting (sp)! Some ladies on Stacked got together to knit at a coffee shop. I swear I only watched it one night as I was trying lull myself to an early sleep!!

Anyway, back to the rest of my 1.5 days off. I managed to watch Saw (can you believe this movie was filmed in 18 days??) and sleep a lot. Today I worked four hours online from home and since then have decided to baby myself and horrify my friends by wearing a mask. Ahh, to be a chick. I love it!

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Have I mentioned how much Simba loves yarn? Next to yarn, he loves anything made with yarn! Today he walked over to two purses sitting on the couch that I've felted recently and slumped down on top of them! He layed for about 20 minutes before moving on to something more exciting, the litter box.

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Speaking of litter box, tonight I was taking a picture of a certain Not-So-Secret-Pink-Thing, when I saw the silhouette of Zoe hunkered down in the Box-of-Almond-Roca. Now, keep in mind the light bulb is out in the hallway where we keep the large Rubbermaid box, so when I saw her, I thought, AH HA an excellent picture opportunity! It's obnoxiously hard to get a good picture of her without any stink eye. She automatically squints whenever she sees a camera (the flash must burn her little retina's or something...but then again, she's such a diva, maybe she's doing that Hollywood equivalent of the bird). Anyway, I aimed the camera in her general direction, not being able to see a thing cause it was dark and I got the funniest picture!! Don't read any further if you're easily offended.

Here's the best pic of Zoe I've been able to get in years.

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Brianna said...

You are too funny! I saw the episode of Stacked too. That's the only time I've watched it and it was only for that one scene.

Brianna said...

My mom sent me a link to your blog and now I gotta read it from the beginning LOL. But I saw that you too are an American Idol fan....Go Carrie!!! I can't wait to see who wins tonight!!

Anonymous said...


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Nancy said...

Hah! I'm glad I'm not the only one to post a photo of myself with a mud mask on lol