Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Yep, I'm at work. No, I'm not bitter. grrrrrr

Just read Faythe's blog. I'm not so much disturbed by the supposed engagement between Cruise and Holmes as I am by people "Doing the Cruise."

Whateverrrr (heavy on the errrr).

I started on yet another project. I just can't seem to stay inspired long enough to finish any others. This one will be a quick one though...maybe that will help. I got some free yarn at a LYS, a nice shade of brown, and decided to make myself a hat. I just want a simple hat to keep warm with. I found a cool pattern for a newsboy hat in my SnB book, and I'm going to use some burgundy yarn to make that one. First things first though...the poo brown hat!

Meanwhile, I'm wondering if Faythe is going to name her hats. "That's hot." (I'm going to throw up now, I can't believe I even thought those words)

For those of you in San Diego, have you been to the Audrey Rose Tea House? At least, that's what I think it's called. It's a bit on the spendy side, but great fun. I was wondering if anyone would like to meet there? We could sit n knit. :) Of course, meeting somewhere else, like a local coffee house, would be just as fun. Let me know and we can all try to organize something!

Speaking of San Diego, a new yarn store is opening today in Bonita! I can't wait to go check it out! Let me know if you go and what it's like. Details, details!!

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Brianna said...

Cruise and Holmes are engaged?!?!?! Shut up! I didn't hear that one yet. And she's converting to Scientology??? Yeah, that marriage is going to last..