Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Christmas in April

Faythe was generous enough to provide me with pictures of the Christmas present I made her. I'm posting one of them in true form: I didn't give the set to her until, hm, was it April? So, it's May and I'm just now posting a picture. I made another set in a dark green for my cousin-aunt-college-mom Elaine that has the same cable but no fringe on the scarf. Mom (red with sunset varigated eyelash yarn) and Aimee (yarn that fades from gray to blue) got slight variations of the scarf/mitten/hat. I couldn't post any pictures before Faythe received her present cause I didn't want her to have a clue.

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So, I'm just a temporary employee at *sensored*. Almost everyone in our gigantic cubicle has betta fish in assorted tanks and containers. Of course, they also have desks. (honestly, I'm not bitter) I sit at the "kiddie table" in the center of cubicle hell. Not that I don't appreciate my job. I do. They actually treat their employee's pretty well. There's the usual politics, arguing, power-struggle, etc. But overall, I enjoy it. Forget that our customers hate us and are threatening to sue (stupid people!)...but I digress. Back to the fish. I don't have betta fish at work. That's coo' with me 'cause I'd rather be an individual. Besides, I have two greedy betta fish at home. Instead of fish, I have "Lucky" (on the left) and "Howie."

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Notice the brown kiddie table and my muy fashionable silver monitor. Dude,(heh heh, she just said dude) I'm just happy to have a table and a computer.

And a paycheck.


Brianna said...

Good work on the beanie/mitten/scarf combo! Your plant is cute....I just bought a plant w/ red leaves for my desk at work. It's still at home waiting for me to transfer it to a slightly bigger and better pot. P-r-o-c-a-s-t-i-n-a-t-o-r.....

Brianna said...

Just to let you know, my plant is still at home waiting for a transfer so that I can bring it to work.....Yeah, procastinator is my middle name.

Maybe I'll do it this week...