Thursday, May 26, 2005

Manly sweater

I've decided I don't have enough knitting projects, so I started a new one. Meet the beginning of Apollo's Manly sweater:

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Of course, it's not a real "manly" sweater unless it's black, or at least that's what certain macho men think. So far, the sweater isn't much to look at. I've finished only a couple inches on these circular needles in the past two weeks. It's so boring! But, it's the only knit thing thing a macho man will consider wearing, so I have to make it. I'll probably finish it in August, just when it really starts to get hot. heh

Now, when I calculated the amount of yarn I needed, I realized I wouldn't be able to afford making this sweater with a good quality yarn. I even contemplated the fact that this sweater was going to belong to a man who doesn't know the difference between washing in cold and hot. No wool for him! Normally, I'd be ashamed to admit I'm using this yarn, but I think it's good enough for this particular project. Yarn snobs, avert your eyes:

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I really don't like how it feels when I knit with acrylic, I much prefer at least a small amount of wool blend. But, this will have to do.


Faythe said...

I'm using the same yarn and same color to make Ryan another hat (black with white stripes). I'm sure there'll be more snack stashing after I finish it. But Simply Soft is a great soft, cheap yarn, perfect for manly men who don't know yarn and think knit sweaters are for sissies...

Megann said...

Hi. I found your blog on the SD knit blog ring. I am lovin' the manly sweater. If I knit my DH a black sweater he would immediately attract every single cat hair in the I look forward to seeing your progress on it. And I happen to love some acrylic. I have been knitting baby items like a mad woman and the hospitals only want acrylic.. it's come a long way. And I agree.. why knit a horribly expensive sweater when he wouldn't know the acrylic diff... or care.