Thursday, May 26, 2005


Meet Brutus:

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Brutus now lives alone in a 29 gallon tank. He's a baby Oscar of about four+ inches. I foolishly bought him, not realizing the logs he makes and how quickly he'd dirty up the tank. (It's a shame when you can see the piles of logs on the bottom of a fish tank.) I also didn't completely think thru what I was going to do with the other fish in the tank, two tetra's. Though he was small when we got him, about 2-3 inches, one of the tetra's mysteriously disappeared within the first week. We looked all over, but found no remnants. Weird, we naively thought. The lone tetra, Gilligan, lived peacefully with Brutus for about a month. Once we caught the larger fish chasing him, but we put some frozen blood worms in the tank and he ate them immediately, leaving the smaller fish alone. From this point on, we were sure to feed him twice a day until we decided what we were going to do. After some discussion, we decided to give him away. After all, the logs aren't cool. Plus, he's going to need a much bigger tank soon. That day, a few days ago, we came home from shopping and lo, the Skipper ATE GILLLIGAN.

Now, I know you're going to say, "Yeah, but he was a tetra, what do you expect?" I guess I didn't expect him to eat the little guy when he was definitely well fed. And they always hung out together too. Even though he was just a tetra, we miss Gilligan. Poor little fella. Could you imagine the thoughts going through his beady little brain as he was being eaten by his compadre.

Since then Zoe has discovered the empty heater space on top of the tank. We've caught her sticking her paw down into it, attempting to swipe at Mr. Eats-My-Friends. Unfortunately for Brutus, the upper left hand corner just below the hole, is his favorite place to hang out. (That white thing is the flash...sorry about that.) Here's an aerial view of him in his favorite spot.

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After taking a few pictures, Brutus started to pout and tried to get away from me. Here he is laying on his side on the bottom of the tank. After the flash went off, he backed up and took off. Whateverrrrrrr!

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Brianna said...

Brutus is HUGE!!! Big fish = big logs. Did you find him a home yet? And No, I don't want him LOL. Poor Gilligan, he didn't know what was coming.