Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Brandon's baby blanket

One of my cousin's had a baby recently. She's really young and a lot of scandal surrounded her pregnancy (something about the guy being in prison...I just cannot go into it, it disturbs me so much). Anyway, Mom had a baby shower at her place where my cousin "Betsy" was presented with a bunch of baby gifts. Mom always goes above and beyond when giving baby gifts. She yearns to be a grandma! So I decided last minute to knit Betsy's baby "Brandon" a baby blanket. Of course, I picked out a pattern that's impossible to knit in a week. I showed Betsy the blanket and she barely looked at it from five feet away and shrugged.


Do these people even know what goes into homemade gifts? C'mon, at least pretend you like it! She THEN turned around and proceeded to talk about something else. I was left holding this ugly blue baby yarn and a partially finished blanket. And I"m sure as hell am NOT giving it to her!

She SHRUGGED! And walked away!

I will never give a homemade item to someone who doesn't appreciate the time it takes to make something. If you don't like it, say something (politely). Don't just SHRUG.

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I was so scarred by her attitude I haven't had the heart to finish it. It's about 1/3 finished. I'm not sure why these two photographs show such extreme color differences. I didn't use a flash on the second one, that probably affected the lighting. I also used a black background rather than a white one. The true color is a mix between the two.

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It has a nice pattern though. I guess i could finish it. However, I foolishly ignored the instructions for the border and now it's curling. I didn't think a seed stitch would look good with this stitch, and now I NEED a border! I might resort to crocheting the border after I'm done.

Meanwhile, I don't know any baby boys who might appreciate a fake blue blanket.


Faythe said...

Hey, if you seriously want to give it to someone who will appreciate a homemade gift, my friend Dolores (who got all that baby stuff I crocheted) would love to have another blanket for her baby boy that's due in June. She liked the stuff I made her so much she said that he'd be wearing it when he came home from the that's someone who appreciates homemade gifts!

Brianna said...

How ungrateful! Please don't let someone's horrible manners keep you from finishing this project. I think it looks very nice :)