Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Zoe reaching nirvana?

If you've met Zoe, you know what I mean when I say she's a scaredy-cat. Sounds scare her. The scraping of a shoe makes her jump two feet. A loud burp, knock at the door, or someone coughing in the hallway is all scary enough to cause her to jump in the air, turn before touching the floor and run in the opposite direction. One of her nicknames is The Blur.

Well, since we've moved, Zoe has finally learned what it's like to live in a quiet, peaceful house. She rarely jumps or hides now. Even when someone deliberately slides their foot across the floor when she's walking by. (I would never do that though. Not me!) She also greets perfect strangers and meows at them (demanding a massage). I've never seen Zoe sleep with her stomach exposed or legs stretched out like she is now. Yes, Zoe is loving life.

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