Saturday, January 03, 2009

Some photos I meant to show you earlier

When we first moved here, the leaves were turning bright, beautiful colors. This is a leaf from a Maple tree/bush thing in our yard. It looks like a tree that someone tried to cut down that has since grown back in the form of a bush (it still has remnants of a stump). I may be wrong, I don't know anything about trees.

I took this after our first snow fairly early in the morning before any cars had driven through it. I just love how snow blankets everything and peacefully muffles sound. I'm hoping it snows more this winter.

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Mike said...

Ah yes, they're unofficially called "suckers" and they grow at the base of a lot of trees. When a tree is cutdown like that, the root system doesn't necessarily die so the darn things grow rampant because there is no huge tree to spend all it's resources on.