Friday, January 09, 2009

Some things I've missed

In the early morning hours before Mom's paranoid guinea hen starts calling out warning cries or the dog starts barking hysterically at hawks hovering in the sky, the sun peers over the mountains chasing the fog off the fields.

I love mornings in the country. Everything is fresh, cool and damp. Even in summer. The ground is blanketed with dew and soaks through shoes when walking through grass. In the winter, inhaling morning air is cleansing and refreshing. In the summer, it smells of grass, the creek and moss.

Photos courtesy of Apollo.


Reneva said...


(Formerly Canadian Rayleen. I've got a blog now, but I'm not used to it yet so it's kinda boring for now.)

(Also my word verification is "fertbalk". Doesn't that sound like it should be something?)

the queen said...

That first one has really stunning composition.

In addition, it looks like it should be one of those demotivator calendar pages.