Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fungus among us

Mom called me this morning and asked if we could come help load wood. It seems she found a fir windfall and was desperate to get to it before anyone else did. While she went to town to pick up the wood permit (the Forest Service had already marked it for her), I took a walk in one of the fields down by the infamous orchard (infamous due to it inhabiting bears that may or may not have been on a certain someone's menu-wish-list).

Yes, it appears grass is greener on the other side of the fence! The old apple orchard is on the other side of the fence towards the middle left of the photo. I try not to venture in this area after dusk due to wild creatures. Actually...I don't really go anywhere at Mom's after dark due to all the coyote, cougar, skunk and bear problems. I already have irrational fears of the dark and I don't need any real life situations to occur and make things worse. You see, I quickly jump on my bed every night because I can imagine a dried up brown, wrinkly hand reaching out from under the bed to grab my leg. I know it's silly but I can't help it, I start to get chills if I don't hop in bed right away. So if I were to unexpectedly see a coyote at night (you know, like if I wasn't in a controlled situation such as in Mom's car holding her rifle on my lap while she spotlighted the field looking for the coyotes howling over a new elk calf) I may or may not have an anxiety attack. And that would hurt.

During my walk I noticed several types of mushrooms growing in the field. There were at least three or four different types mixed in with the elk poop and grass. Ah, lovely elk poop! It was only a couple days old, I checked it. (And then there was that time I collected several elk poop samples in my pocket and took them to an Uncle to have him explain to me why some looked different than others. Hey, he was informative!)

This mushroom reminded me of that time in high school when Faythe and I were sitting at a campfire, laughing hysterically (OK there were thousands of times we laughed hysterically and mostly for no reason at all and no, we were not high even though everyone thought we were), and I accidentally flung my roasting marshmallow in her face. Oh, those were good times! You may be wondering about the connection...it looks like a roasted marshmallow, right?

These two mushrooms are just cute. It looks like the taller mushroom is trying to squash the growth of the shorter mushroom by leaning on him with his elbow. (The mushroom Man is keeping him down!) I also like the contrast of the barn roof, sky and grass to the neutral mushroom color.

Tomorrow, hopefully pictures of Paul Bunyan-like activity. Also a bonus Red Circle of Death story which involves a dead animal and a box of sugary snacks. Yum!

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Mike said...

I am completely envious of your loaction. I'd be taking pictures a lot... and walking around everywhere out there... even at night!