Sunday, January 11, 2009


I haven't gotten as far as I'd like on my mitten. At this rate, it'll be too warm to wear them when I'm finished. HAHAHHAAHA Who am I kidding! It'll never get warm, I have plenty of time!

I really love the idea of color work but since it's so laborious (for me as a newbie), I'm having a hard time getting obsessed with it. But since I vowed to challenge myself with knitting this year, I'll keep at it. I've also already ordered more yarn for my next color work project.

In other news, I planted garlic today. I know I'm a month or two late but I should still get something from them come this fall. (I had no idea you're supposed to plant it in the fall. It turns out the garlic benefits greatly from the frost and other climate activity.) What I'm really worried about is the soil which doesn't look like it has good drainage. To combat that potential issue, I planted the garlic seed in three raised beds about eight feet long. I'm concerned about rot and the occasional grub I found in the soil while digging.

This spring we're hoping to plant tomatoes, onions, potatoes, herbs and squash. Until then, I need to dig out last years overgrown garden and prepare the soil. I can't wait to reap our harvest!


Lisa said...

whoa, Rayleen, slow down a bit! your colorwork looks fantastic. you can wait until the ground thaws to plant stuff though. Lots of time until spring, believe me.

my word verification is "fisseste" this time - hmm...don't know whether to be pleased or insulted.

Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

Very pretty! I love the pink and brown color combo.

Brennee said...

I love those colors! I like it because you can watch your work "grow". Pretty pattern, too.