Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taking in the view

We're back from another long day hauling wood off a mountain. On our way back to Mom's with a truck and trailer full of wood, we saw one bobcat, three different herd of elk, two red tail hawk and a beautiful sunset with the fog settling in. I wasn't lucky enough to get any photos of the animals or at least not any that show more than a speck of color in the brush.

After all our hard work, it was nice to stop and take in the scenery. I plan on returning for a trip through the mountains just for photo taking opportunities. Mike, you would die!

I didn't think we would be so tired but we're exhausted. Partially from our day but also from traveling back and forth these past two days. We finally found a route home from Mom's that we like (there's several to choose from, some involving flat top without any paint). It's only 67 miles each way and takes an hour and a half to drive.

There is much debate within The Family over which route is the best but our favorite is the most traveled and is only four miles longer than the one The Family likes. Plus, I don't have to worry about cars illegally parked partially on the highway when I drive around a narrow hair-pin corner opposite a log truck. Someone, and if you read my blog often enough you know which loon I'm talking about, throws her rotten eggs at them. And yes, she actually saves her eggs by the bucket full just for this occasion.

The bad route also includes mud, land and rock slides which may take out the road at any time. And then there's innocent enough looking water which may result in water washing over your car obstructing your view for several seconds even with windshield wipers going at full blast. It turns out that slowing down to a seemingly reasonable 35 miles per hour is not actually reasonable at all. However, it did make my sister stop talking for several minutes. That, my friends, is an amazing feat.

We'll be trekking back to Mom's next week. I don't think chopping or hauling wood will be involved, maybe this time we'll scoop some of the mud out of Mom's spring (water supply) which is partially filtered with a bird cage.

You think I'm joking.

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Michelle said...

Nice pictures! Rayleen, it makes me nostalgic.