Thursday, June 05, 2008

Whereupon I break out my tricycle

A month ago I checked airfare from San Diego to Eugene, Oregon in mid July, leaving on a Thursday. With advance warning on a weekday I naturally figured fare would be inexpensive. I was wrong! At $345, it was well above the usual fee. A couple weeks ago I checked prices again and it was at $400 per person! Today I checked and if you're lucky, you can find something for $485! Over a month away! To OREGON! Out of curiosity I checked prices if a person leaves on Saturday and HORRORS, tickets start at $811! Faythe and Jen paid around $900 for tickets to Taiwan!

Hence, we have decided to drive. According to AAA's Fuel Cost Calculator, I'll pay under $300 round trip. Sure, gas is outrageous but is nothing compared to airfare. Even if we factor in food, hotel and driving time, we'll still be saving a bundle. Since we'll drive, you can bet we'll do touristy stuff on the way up. If you have any ideas for Must See's along the way, let me know!

$811, people!!!

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Wendee said...

Disgusting, huh! My tickets to CA were quite a bit more for the summer trip than what I paid in April. Fortunately I had some airline miles I could apply to the trip. Otherwise I'd have been panicking a bit... I sure hope you'll be around the second week of July!