Sunday, June 01, 2008

Faythe's here!

Today I picked Faythe up from the airport an hour late due to traffic caused by a marathon. I had no idea it was this weekend and when I saw a sign warning me about stops on the 8 freeway, I was totally clueless to the traffic ahead of me. It was a stressful drive, worse than most commute to or from work.

After we picked up Faythe and ate lunch, we went to a yarn store! It was great shopping with someone that appreciates wool, not someone who only likes black or gray. I learned from one of the employee's that the building that housed the Malabrigo mill caught on fire May 29th. For more info, check out their home page here. If you don't know Malabrigo yarn, you should. It's extremely soft and gorgeous! I picked up a few hanks, two for hats and two for a lace project. If you're planning on buying any Malabrigo, I hear it's possible it might be a little scarce to find so get it while you can. My "informant" could be wrong though. You know how it all went down with Cotton-Ease.

Tonight a neighbor was approached by a hooker (though I think he knew she was a hooker and just wasn't willing to pay her $50 price), Faythe got a good photo of a girl in a bikini riding a bike (I don't care who you are, that's never a flattering look), and we ate a little soul food cooked by Apollo and Tee. If you know anything about their cooking, you know one of them cooks delicious food, the other, well, can cause diarrhea.

I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. :I

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