Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A kidnapping

I'm not sure what's up with Faythe and Apollo. Whenever she's around, he turns into a pimp wanna-be! There was much singing about ho's today and even some pimp walking. He even got out of control with his business strategy of offering a punch card to John's and giving awards for frequent uses. *sigh* Faythe, of course, cackled evilly and encouraged him as he went off on his tangents. Even in restaurants and other public places!

After lunch at a Thai place, we went to Cabrillo Monument and then to Bonita Knitting Store. I gave Apollo $5 to go buy himself something while we got yarn. We later found him sitting in the car eating chips and drinking a soda. He seemed happy and content as we drove towards home, until he realized something was awry. The conversation then went something like this:

Apollo: "Honey, you missed the exit."

Me: Silence. "Oh, really!"

Faythe: Silent breathy cackling.

Apollo: "Um, you missed the other exit."

Me: "I see!"


Apollo: Broken and defeated, "Oh. My. God."

Me: "But hey, I gave you that $5, right?"

There was much grumbling and pimp talking at this point until we got to Two Sisters and Ewe where we left him in the car while he played "I Got Ho's" loudly. Happily the store is still offering most of their yarn at %30 off so we decided to try out yak yarn, which is surprisingly soft. It seems like it'll make a great sweater.

After yarn shopping we went to Claim Jumpers where Apollo proceeded to tell the waiter all about the kidnapping and the child safety locks I had imposed on him. HEHEHE. Even the waiter seemed to be a bit perplexed about yarn shopping.

It's been great having Faythe around, I've only thought about work once or twice and not even for very long. I feel uplifted! I'm sure Apollo feels the same, it's given him a chance to work on his pimp walk.

Photos to follow.

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