Tuesday, June 24, 2008

KnitPicks Felici

Though I have a couple different sock yarns that I'm quite devoted too, I decided to try out KnitPicks Felici in hopes it would get me through this knitting slump. I needed something simple that required no brain power and this self striping yarn seemed to fit the bill. I was a bit surprised at how soft it is considering I bought Essential (made from the same material as Felici) about 4 years ago and it felt like a ball of coarse wool seemingly straight off the sheep. But apparently they changed their "recipe" and it's surprisingly soft, even baby worthy!

I'm loving the fact that I don't have to knit a pattern, it looks great just the way it is. Plus, the colors remind me of the beach - always a good thing! This is Schooner and the photo is pretty close to true color. It maybe a tad bit darker in person.

Hopefully KP will create even more colors, I'm alredy hooked!

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