Sunday, June 08, 2008

Life at the tide pools

We saw a few creatures at the tide pools.

Like crabs. Little crabs scurried in front of us like spiders (sorry Aimee). They were so cute! The largest one was probably about the size of my fist and purple. The smallest were as small as spiders with coloring that helped them blend in.

What's this thing? It had a hard shell, maybe it was alive under there?

And then we saw this. Some sort of bug that appears to be the roach of the beach! EWWW! Look at all those legs! And the worst part...

There were hundreds of them!! They were all over the rocks, stepping on each other, falling off the rocks in the sand. So disgusting! They give me creepy crawlies just thinking about them.

Ah, nice flowers to take our minds off those bugs.

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