Friday, June 06, 2008

The Point Loma coast

Faythe left yesterday on a 14 hour flight to Taiwan with Jen and Peanut. I'm sure she'll have lots of stories and photos! While she was here, we visited Point Loma's Cabrillo Monument and tide pools for some downtime. All that yarn shopping can wear a person out! Yarn can easily set us into hyper-shopping mode, but that's a totally different story.

Though the tide was at its lowest, it was a high low tide (that's what the ranger said) so we didn't get to explore many tide pools at all. But there was still plenty to see!

I'll never get enough of the west coast. Nature is so unforgiving and beautiful at the same time. Just look at that rock formation!

Apollo decided to brave the cliffs and walk to the other side to check out the scenery. (Faythe and I were too lazy.) Check out the layers of rocks pushed up at an angle. Gorgeous! The wind and water eats away at the soft earth and rocks creating the sand.

At first glance you might think the rocks on the beach below are small but thankfully we have 6 foot tall Apollo as our model showing us actual scale.

The flora in the area is dry, sturdy and usually looks dead. I was surprised to see these delicate flowers, they're inspiring. They make me want to paint.

I have a few more to show you, I'll upload them tomorrow.

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