Saturday, November 03, 2007

Yet another Monkey

Well, I decided to give in and join the rest of the knitting community and make myself a pair of Monkeys. Yes, it's true that when I first saw them I thought, "Nice pattern but who would want to wear that on their feet?" Maybe they've just grown on me or maybe reading so many people's comments about their being addictive and fun, I threw in the hat. Or the needle. I had also recently purchased some hand dyed yarn from Hazel Knits on Etsy and decided this was an excellent opportunity to knit up Sailors Delight.

Though I've just barely started, I can see why so many people enjoy the pattern. I guess it's because you're knitting and purling with blind faith and suddenly this pattern appears before you like magic. And the colors look great too!


Wendee said...

Yes, that's a great way to describe it - blind faith and then it suddenly pulls together. I love that Monkey pattern. And I'm delighted that you like the colors of Sailor's Delight!

aimee said...

It looks so intricate!!! VERY impressive. Oh,and I really do like the colors... is the the sherbert-y one we were discussing on the phone?

Rayleen said...

Thanks Wendee!

Aimee - you're thinking about the yarn in my Oct 29th post.