Saturday, November 24, 2007

Junk in my trunk

I had a traumatic experience yesterday. No, I didn't join in on the early sales for Black Friday. I weight the pro's and con's of getting up early and joining the crazy early morning shoppers, then scurrying out the door just so I could start my shift at 9am. Because I knew exactly what I would get in the store (since most of my shopping is going to be done online), I did a little math and realized I would only save $20. Then I thought about how early I'd probably have to get up, around 3am, just to get that deal, and suddenly the $20 deal didn't seem like such a deal after all. So I slept in and worked my shift like normal.

That doesn't mean I held back on shopping all together. In fact, Friday evening I went to three different stores for a couple hours. I ended up trying on some clothes and...well this is where the trauma started. I was in the dressing room when something caught my eye in the mirror. It was my butt! IT'S HUGE! I mean, the dimensions shocked me! It's OUT THERE. It's like an appendage!!

Anyway, I'm still traumatized by it all. *sigh*

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