Saturday, November 10, 2007

Monkey progress

I'm having a hard time getting a picture that accurately shows the colors but this is close. Just imagine it a little bit brighter.

I'm halfway through the second sock and will probably finish it tomorrow. I don't normally block socks, but I'll definitely block these, just for presentation sake when I give them away. The next time I try this pattern I'm going to see what it looks like without any purl stitches, only knit and YO's.

Oh, I also copied you, Faythe. I was thinking about Interweave Knits and everything you brought up. After some research, I decided to get it too. I'm looking forward to my first edition! After Christmas I plan on knitting something other than socks, maybe IK will inspire me!


Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

I told Ryan I had decided that I needed a subscription to Interweave Knits and that I had purchased one, and he just looked at me and shook his head. But yay! Now we can talk about the issue and the patterns together!

Rayleen said...

I asked Apollo if he was going to renew his Sports Illustrated Subscription this December and when he said no, I ordered the IK sub. :)