Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 3: Update

Since I can't stop watching the news and refreshing popular informative websites, I'm able to bring you an update on the latest developments.

Though there are many, many fire's, there's two that are causing the most destruction. The Witch Creek Fire to the north is 1% contained with no end in near and is heading straight towards the beach. The Harris Fire is down south and from what I've heard has actually entered city limits, is 5% contained and has an estimated containment date of November 4th. Yes, that's right. Today is Oct 23 but it may be another 12 days until this fire is under control or out.

In case you're wondering what all those symbols mean, here's the break down:

flames: fires that are still burning or the beginning point of larger fires.
red crosses: evacuation centers
red houses: where the majority of homes have burned
red areas: location of where fire's have burned or are still burning
yellow areas: voluntary or mandatory evacuation

Some communities are evacuated based on poor air quality or by downed fire lines. The local electric company is asking people to limit electric usage. Apparently San Diego county is linked to the rest of the Western grid by two transmission corridors. One is in the heart of the Harris fire and is out of service and the other has also sustained fire damage.

The city of Ramona is losing water pressure and it's been estimated that they'll run out before they get more. Residents are being told they need to boil all water now before consumption.

While over 500,000 people have been evacuated, there's been a strong sense of generosity and unselfishness within the community. People not affected by the fires have been donating so much to different evacuation sites that some were turned away! Of course,they were sent to other sites but can you even imagine such a thing?? I'm grateful I live in such a considerate community.

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aimee said...

That's incredible. I think the scariest part would be not having water! It's just hard to even imagine all of the aspects of the fire, smoke, ashes raining down, nowhere to go... That whole area is in my prayers!!