Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Some yarn to brighten my day

I don't usually like to post pictures of yarn unless it's in a partially knitted state but I was excited about these guys I received yesterday, especially since they helped to brighten up an otherwise gloomy day. I picked out the multi-color hank specifically for a pattern that I bought at the same time. It's not normally something I would pick out but it has a specific recipient that I think will enjoy it. Well so much for saying I pay close attention to detail, the site clearly states you need mediumweight yarn and both of these are lightweight. Great! Anther excuse to buy more, I guess. :) Good thing that multi-color is growing on me!

BTW, that cat paw print was created accidentally when Simba was stamping a birthday card to Aimee. Now there are permanent prints all over this little table and a few on the dining room floor too.

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