Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 2: San Diego county fires

I'm a little overwhelmed here even though the only way I'm affected by the fires is knowing my office has been evacuated. I have watched hours of news coverage and checked and another SD County blog obsessively while communities around me lost their homes, pets, livestock and potentially family members. I feel nauseated.

Last night just after midnight, I lay in bed having a hard time falling to sleep. Partially because I knew there were some fire's burning out of control. But mostly because I could hear a ton of traffic on the 805 a few blocks from my place. At first I wondered why that was out of the ordinary but then it hit me - there normally isn't any traffic to speak of at that time of night! I could hear all the people who were evacuating and emergency personnel as they raced to the fires. So sad.

In this map, the red blobs represent the estimated fire area's and the pink area's are estimated evacuated fire areas. The fires are 0% contained.

I'm sure we won't have any fire danger here where I live, but we still have an evacuation plan. It basically involves the cats, cat food, important papers, water and the car.

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