Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Second sock: the end is near!

I'm so obsessed with finishing my current pair of socks, well that and the food poisoning symptoms that keep me busy, that I've forgotten to blog! Though there have been a couple issues along the way, I'm confident and working on the gusset of the second sock. You can't see the design here but when I'm done, I'll display them so the design is hard to miss.

I like this Socks that Rock yarn but don't like how their shaded solids hide patterns. It's really too bad because otherwise it's one of my favorite fingering weight yarns. Even more annoying is that I bring it up every single time I knit a sock out of it.

Speaking of annoying, did I mention the poo on the floor in the women's bathroom this morning? It was bad enough that I used the bathroom on a different floor to get away from it. Seriously, I have never seen that in a women's bathroom. I've heard of it in men's bathrooms but have yet to witness it myself, let alone in a professional office situation. I used to know this guy that hated Wal-Mart so much he would deliberately use their bathrooms, then hang his butt over the edge and poo on the floor. Nice, huh?

Meanwhile I'm trying to decide if I should go to work tomorrow or stick it out here at home. There's something to be said about home comforts when you're not feeling well. Plus, there's definitely no poo on the floor here!

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