Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fires...again! Or "Day 1"

San Diego County is fighting a couple large fire's which have the potential of causing more damage than the 2003 Cedar Fire. Though the fire's just sparked this morning, it's bad enough that we here a few miles from downtown San Diego are already experiencing enough smoke that it's giving the appearances of fog.

Of course, even though the fire's in east county could cause more damage than the largest fire in California history, if you check the news you'll probably see pictures or video footage of the fire in Malibu. I mean, after all, someone has died in the fire in the east county where 11 times as many acre's have been burned than in Malibu and firefighters are being treated in hospitals for fire related injuries, but rich people are losing their homes!! We've got to keep our priorities straight, right?

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OC Mama said...

Tell me about it. We have a fire here in OC too and it's almost impossible to find info on it. But man, if they eveacute movie stars that's the important part that's all over the news.