Saturday, March 28, 2009


Since so many people expect me to speak Spanish and since I am brown and then there's that whole thing about how it's the second most spoken language in the US and it will make me more of an asset when applying for jobs *big breath* I signed up for a Spanish class starting Monday. I'm looking forward to it, it will be good to get out of the house and meet new people.

A local college is offering Chinuk Wawa, a language spoken by tribal people throughout the Pacific Northwest. The beginning class isn't offered this spring but I think it sounds interesting, so I'm keeping an eye out for it this summer and Fall. Like German I may not have many opportunities to speak it on the streets but I still think it will be educational.

Anyway, now that I'm taking up Spanish (again) I need to do something that involves speaking in front of people. My position at my last job helped me a bit with this, but I need more work. That and being more assertive. Any ideas on what I could do that will teach me to be assertive at the appropriate times?


Reneva said...

Good luck with your classes. French is our second official language up here and I always think I should learn more of it, but haven't yet made the effort. I can't help you with being assertive - I tend to sit in the background and run (sometimes literally) from any type of conflict. Until last year, of course, when I did try to assert myself at work because my boss told me in my assessment that I needed to. So imagine my surprise to be hauled into the boss's office and told I had an attitude problem a couple of months later. Apparently they didn't like it after all.
I guess I'm still bitter. Sorry for dumping. :-)

Van Insurance said...

Even without the color dyed variation, they're super pretty...color and pattern are a perfect match.

Viki said...

What about teaching a knitting class? BTW, I'm totally jealous you are planting a huge garden. We have a tiny backyard AND won't be able to plant the little bit we can for almost two months!