Monday, March 09, 2009

The irony of going green

Some Oregon fun:

--Representative Wayne Krieger has an idea on funding road improvement - force adults to register their bicycles! Registration ($54 every two years) would be the same as it is for automobiles. The usual miscellaneous fee's apply. (If you like reading dry material, check out House Bill 308 here.) I'm not sure if bicycles would be treated like hybrids (tax benefits please?) or if insurance will be required next.

--Did you know Oregon denies us the right to pump our own gas? We can't even push the pump button while the hose sticks lifelessly in our car, instead we have to wait for the attendant who's helping all the other cars waiting in line. Proponents of this idea use the "but then you don't have to get out of your car into that horrible weather" argument. I guess they forgot about paying for the gas, which is done outside the vehicle. And not by an attendant. Oh, and gas attendants only exist as an answer to job shortages.

--Speaking of gas and cars, there has been talk of taxing mileage with a GPS installed in the car. It gives a person a warm and fuzzy feeling to know you're always being watched.

Anyway, just thought it was interesting all the crazy stuff that's going on here in the state of Oregon. Especially after everyone here has worked so hard and prized themselves on being green. I guess the government didn't realize going green means losing green.

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