Sunday, March 01, 2009

My aching back

Under the hideous carpet in this house lies original to the house Northern Red Oak hardwood floors. Apollo removed the carpet from the room that will be my office, only to discover that someone at one time had laid linoleum on it. Old adhesive covered the entire floor, including about nine squares worth of tape still on the floor.

At this point I had worked on the floor for about half a day. I used only water, sponges and putty/paint scrapers.

Aimee stopped by to chat several times but she made no offer to help out.

Nasty adhesive - feel my pain!!

The carpet tack strips took a long time to remove. Nails and staples were stuck randomly in the floor, usually in unsuspecting places like under my butt, knee or foot.

And the final product, only a day and a half later! This summer we'll sand and smooth out any blemishes and refinish the floor to match the living room (though I wouldn't mind something a little lighter than the aged amber look we have now). Only two more rooms to go - one is currently being used for storage and the other has a bed and dresser in it. It's going to be a challenge to work around them but I don't mind, especially knowing it means we'll be rid of nasty dust mites and what appears to be almost thirty years of icky. Hopefully the other floors won't be as bad as this room!

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