Thursday, March 12, 2009

Early morning rambling

I don't have anything to talk about, unless you want to hear about my attempt to decide between Washington Mutual or Wells Fargo, both of which I have accounts with. In this day of poor economical news, who wants to hear bitching about bank fee's charged when a bank fee takes your savings account below the minimum account resulting in yet another bank fee? This complaint might lead to whining about said bank's outsourcing customer service to a country that you can barely understand when I call to talk to an agent about my accounts and fee's.

Instead, look, socks! First is Knitpicks Felici Putty in a simple stockinette ($3.99 - $5.29 a ball, I used about 1.5 balls). I love self striping yarns for the same reason I dislike them. Unfortunately there's not much more you can do with them other than stockinette before the pattern is obliterated. But they're good for those days when you don't want to think about what you're knitting. The stripes knit themselves. Felici is pretty soft and washes without any noticeable pilling. Then again, I've only washed my other pair a couple times.


I finished these a while ago but didn't get the photos uploaded until recently. Purple is one of those colors that's incredibly hard to photos of and always needs some tweeking in your favorite photo retouching program. Hence the reason I've avoided uploading them. This is Knitpicks Essential African Violet in Knitty's Spring Forward. After you knit the repeats a couple times, it's easily memorized. I haven't had the opportunity to wash and wear this yarn so I don't know how it holds up, but for only $3.49 - $3.99 a ball (and these took about 1.5 balls), you can't beat the price.

Spring Forward

I'm all for inexpensive good quality yarns, so these two fit right up my alley. Don't get me wrong, today Faythe and I talked about plasma and how it could help inflate a sock yarn budget (or toilet paper). Yes, I will do what I have to do to get good quality, hand painted indie yarns (or soft TP)! I'm also saving soda cans to fund the conversion of our carport into a garage. You've got to have dreams!

Speaking of saving, I need to decide between banking with an organization that is conveniently located near my house but makes poor decisions and is charging me excessive fee's or an organization that is in an inconvenient location, has offered me a great banking package and whose banking customer service agents are all in the US (I like supporting businesses that keep jobs in the country, especially in our poor economy).

Plus, I just realized it's almost 2:00am. Er!

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