Tuesday, March 03, 2009

First socks

I was surprised to see Mom putting these socks on today, I had totally forgotten about them. They're the first pair of socks I knit almost four years ago. This was before I knew anything about gauge, superwash wool or compromising with the recipient regarding colors.

Because I had some issues with gauge, the longer Mom wears them the further they slip down her ankles as they stretch. But she still wears them.

Mom is the perfect knit-wear recipient. Even if it's hideous, she'll wear it. She doesn't put it away for safe keeping out of fear of hurting the item - instead it gets some serious wear, as indicated by the hole in one of these socks. Check out the fuzzing and felting caused by wear and tear!

Thankfully I've graduated on to finer hand painted yarns. I think Mom likes them better too but it's good to know she actually puts everything I knit her to use.

And just to be clear, I will NEVER knit this colorway again though it is fun to traumatize people like Faythe when they innocently check my blog for updates. HeHEheeEEHEeeeEEE!

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