Friday, March 20, 2009

I'd like a kay-sah-dill-uh please? Oder ein Käsebrot? Hallo?

Today Aimee, Apollo and I went to Izzy's (one of many po-man buffet's from my childhood) for lunch. A young Hispanic male was sitting at the table next to us. I should preface this by saying we have quite a few migrant workers in this area who do not speak English.

The owner walked up to us, looked at me and said, "Can you ask him when he's coming back from lunch?"


The owner looked perplexed but then the young man asked me in Spanish if I spoke Español. I know that much and told him, sorry but no. The owner of the restaurant (an older fellow) asked me again and then asked Apollo the same thing. (Someone please tell me why Apollo is confused as a Mexican...this has happened once before in San Diego by some tourists.) Finally, Aimee, the only Caucasian at the table, mumbled something about "finito" and "trabajar" to the poor guy who finally understood and told us (in Spanish) he would be done in a few minutes. We relayed that info on to the owner who then complained that he would pay for the kid to take English classes but said he refuses. I'm thinking, maybe he doesn't understand what you're saying? Further, why did he need to ask us about his employee's lunch break?

Anyway, I just thought it was funny how no matter where I live, So Cal included, people expect me to speak Spanish. I think I'm going to start talking back to these people in German and then act appalled that they don't know what I'm saying. Maybe even start gesturing wildly while talking louder and slower. That should result in some interesting reactions.


Stephanie said...

I'm the opposite, people are surprised, that the blonde blue eyed chick understands most of what they are saying in Spanish.

Sugar Pop Ribbons said...

People used to assume Peanut speaks Chinese. I want to tell them that, "first of all, she does not speak at all." (I know she does now, but she did not before). And "Just because she looks Chinese does not mean she speaks it."