Saturday, October 18, 2008

One box left

Looking around the room, I think I have one box left to pack up. OK, well not just one, we have to pack the grill up. Oh, and then there's all the books I decided to ship rather than pack into the trunk. That's three boxes. Anyway, it seems empty in here with all our most valued possessions packed up in eight huge boxes sitting in the dining room.

Our neighbors have turned into little scavengers. We leave items we can't bear to throw away in a box outside our door. Within minutes to hours, they're gone. One guy, Rob, is going to have a yard sale after we leave. I hope he makes a few bucks off our stuff.

After packing up the last box, we'll clean and get rid of the furniture courtesy of Craigslist. Our move date is so close but yet so far! I'm aiming for October 27th but only if I get to properly visit all my friends before then.

Meanwhile, did you hear that Mervyn's is going out of business? We went shopping today to look for some good deals (just the same sales so far) and the cashier told us they'll be open until December 31st. Get your goodies before they close! We already packed our new clothes into one of our boxes, using them as padding to protect a radio.

Well, I should go. Zoe is meowing at me because she supposedly has no place to sleep since I packed up her bed. Night!

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