Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Crazy

A few days ago at Ghetto Albertson's, Apollo helped rescue a baby in a parked car. It was strapped into its car seat, screaming its head off. It has been pretty warm lately and I'm sure it was VERY hot in the car. He used a brick to break a window and got the baby out.

Apollo just got in from Von's, another local grocery store. He said a homeless guy was picking his butt in the store and walking around aimlessly. Apollo and another shopper were talking about how nasty it was when suddenly, the guy pulled down his pants and took a poop! Right there next to the cat food!

Why do I always miss The Crazy? All I have to say is the hippies up in Eugene better make up for all the entertainment we're leaving behind.


A. Malcontent said...

That is one awesome poop story!!

Rayleen said...
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Brianna said...

please give Apollo a big hug for me! I'm so glad to hear that he noticed the baby in the car and did something about it. I can't believe someone would actually leave their child in a hot car all alone! they should be in jail. Kudos to Apollo.

Gross about the poop.

Congrats about moving to Oregon!

Canadian Rayleen said...

Yay Apollo! I worked in a Wal-mart for the Christmas rush one year and heard the grossest story from a friend who worked maintenance. Apparently he was called to a clean-up in the card aisle b/c security saw a guy "pleasure himself" behind a woman who had bent over to look at some cards on a low shelf. By the time they got down to the aisle from the camera viewing room the guy was gone and they didn't find him. EEEwwwww! I was told the lady didn't appear to even notice. People are so gross sometimes.