Wednesday, May 30, 2007

RIP dear friend

Tuesday morning I woke up at 1:40AM to see what all that noise was about outside my bedroom window (a firetruck, ambulance, several paramedic's and two police wheeling one of my naked neighbor's out to the waiting ambulance) when I accidentally pushed my faithful piggy bank off the dresser. (I have been rearranging my bedroom, hence the random shoe and the bear I got from grandparents when they went to Alaska when I was 12.)

Being so early in the morning, I didn't think to look and see what that loud crashing sound meant. I was still trying to wake up and was wondering what was wrong with my neighbor and "is that his tranny roommate with her new boobies?"*

Anyway, today I took a gander and noticed that the Pig was dead and its little piggy bank guts were everywhere. I was a bit sad since I've had this bank for about six years. Poor Pig, I could always count on him to keep my money safe and sound. And he was cute too.

:( Rest In Peace my dear friend, Rest In Peace.

PS, You've already been replaced. I'm sure you understand. I also got a baby bank for my desk at work.

*More later....let's just say I really had to work hard to avert my eyes, especially since it was chilly out!

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aimee said...

Cute baby bank. :)