Thursday, May 03, 2007


I recently tried on a pair of Crocs at Nordy's and they were surprisingly comfortable! Sure, maybe they don't look very fashionable but they're very nice on the foot. And incredibly light! If you're interested in buying them online, try the promotion code: Eventrunners. You'll get shipping free ($9.95). The following is just a sampling of what you'll find.

And no, I'm not selling them or anything. I was just amazed at the comfort and how they form to your feet. Plus, I knew this would annoy Faythe. Oh yeah, and they have cute shoes for kidlets too.


Yaya said...

I think they are cute! I wanted to get one for Peanut but they looked weird on Peanut's little tiny feet.

a said...
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Anonymous said...

They look comfy and I've seen a lot in the Willamette Valley area. I wonder if they would make my feet sweat? Do you wear sock with them like normal? I'm thinking about trying some out.


JeanC said...

I LOVE my Crocs and am looking at getting different styles as bright pink doesn't go with every outfit I own, as much as I'd like to think they do LOL. My hubby has a pair also and he loves them. For both of us the vast majority of back and knee pain has gone away.

Yes, feet do sweat in them, but in the summer time I don't care and in the winter I wear socks.