Saturday, May 05, 2007

Does this sound right to you?

I've had this aching tooth for some time and I could tell I was just about ready to reach "Angry Troll Under the Bridge" aka Red Alert, so I decided to schedule an appointment with a dentist. My insurance helped me pick out a dentist for sissy's and I was lucky enough to get in on Wednesday. Well, they decided I needed a root canal. Fortunately, they had a time slot for me Thursday. Despite there being some swelling in the area of the roots, the dentist said it was OK to go ahead with the root canal. Coo'. The dirty deed was done. Well, it's Saturday and despite the high dose of antibiotics I'm taking each day, the swelling isn't going away. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. I'm concerned. And I'm sweating penicillin. Is this normal? I'm swishing salt water right now. Oh, and if certain coworkers keep getting on my nerves, they will know the pain I'm in.

PS, these are some flowers on my patio. I don't know what the plant is called, but they're beautiful.

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Yaya said...

I would totally go in for him to look at it just to be sure.