Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fashion victim or fancy free?

Periodically I try to take a couple photos for Faythe and Aimee so they won't forget life here in SD. You know, the average every-day stuff!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this guy outside talking to Apollo and Tee. I think he was wearing flannel pajama bottoms with footballs and baseballs on it, but I'm not sure. Not to mention those shoes. Of course, Apollo insists on wearing his camel colored shoes with black pants. I'm being generous with that, they're more yellow than anything.

The final accessory to complete the "oh no he didn't" look is the bottle in the paper bag. At least he's happy. And hey, the sun is shining!

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aimee said...

If only I could take pictures on campus. You guys would see what you're missing! I saw a girl the other day totally dressed up in pirate gear, including a flag sticking out of her backpack. I'm hoping she was in an acting class or something. I mean, I love pirate stuff, but... you can be a pirate without the costume! Yeesh!