Monday, May 14, 2007

Bring on the Celebrex!

Ok, so I started up with The Knit again. I decided to make some socks. Funny thing is, I've started knitting socks with this yarn at least twice but ended up frogging. This time I picked a pattern that's a sure no-fail. It's the Yarn Harlot's basic sock pattern from one of her books, with a minor change (mucho mucho ribbing).

I've been avoiding needles this small, but this time I decided to bite the bullet and use 2.25mm. It's possible these needles combined with my death grip are bringing on early arthritis. At least this is what my aching fingers are telling me after knitting two 7 inch sock legs in two by two ribbing.
This afternoon I started on a "sturdy" heel flap. If I don't wake up with my fingers curled up stiffly in a claw-like manner, then I'll be surprised. But it'll be worth it! (right?)

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aimee said...

Hahahahahaha... Celebrex....