Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Vogue Knitting Magazine

Look! Look what I found in the Vogue Knitting Magazine! A Debbie Bliss pattern suitable for a girl or a boy. Even better, it uses Baby Cashmerino, of which I stock-piled in a moment of insanity. This particular pattern reminds me of Jacqueline Kennedy, probably due to the collar and chocolate lining.

There's a bunch of other cute patterns in the magazine, too. Including some lace and other items appropriate for summer.

At $7, this magazine is a better deal than buying a book that repeats patterns sold in her other books!


Yaya said...

I like the coat. It's very classy looking :). Btw, I washed the purple coat you made for Peanut. It survived the wash machine just fine, but the yarn looks a bit worn out after the wash. It did not hold up as well as the pink coat, but still 100% better than the poor bear though ;).

Rayleen said...

That damn yarn!! I guess I can't go with the cheap yarn. :(